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Otic Solution ear drops/spray

10 ml, solution
Medical device

Ear drops/spray are used for removing wax, water and impurities in the external auditory canal, to alleviate problems (pain, redness, itching) and to prevent diseases in the external auditory canal.

The product can be applied with a pipette or mechanical sprayer.

  • komplex care (regular ear hygiene, removing water from the ear, alleviating external auditory canal problems)
  • alleviates painful symptoms during inflammation
  • anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects
  • suitable for people who enjoy water sports
  • prevents plugs of earwax from forming
  • can be applied: with a pipette or mechanical sprayer 
  • gentle and simple application using a pipette makes it easy give to children, it is a proven method, easy to apply in any position, suitable for lying infants 
  • contains plant ingredients (thymol, marigold, mullein, St. John's wort)




Cholin salicylate 80 %
174 mg
St John's Wort Extract
3.53 mg
Marigold extract
5.25 mg
Mullein extract
3.53 mg
1 mg


lavender oil, glycerin, butylene glycol


Otic Solution ear drops/spray.

A mix of glycerin and butylene glycol softens and dissolves hardened plugs of earwax, but is also miscible with water. Because it can bind moisture, it removes any swelling. Medicinal substance choline salicylate prevents bacterial inflammation developing and alleviates the painful symptoms of inflammation. Active substance Thymol has an antibacterial effect, which helps when water remains in the ear canal as this can create a suitable environment for infections. 

Another active ingredient is an ethanolic extract of a mixture of herbs (marigold flower, mullein flower and St. John's wort leaves), which aid regeneration and stimulate the skin's self-cleansing ability.

Dosage and method of use

The product can be applied with a pipette or mechanical sprayer, depending on the user’s personal preference. Using the pipette, apply 2-3 drops into the opening of the outer ear canal. If you prefer a mechanical sprayer, remove the applicator from the protective packaging and screw it firmly onto the glass bottle instead of the pipette cap. Press several times to draw up liquid. Insert the end of the applicator into the opening of the external auditory canal and press 2-3 times.

Usually apply 2-4 times per day into every ear.

Prior to use, heat the solution to body temperature by warming in the hands, for example. Proceed with cleaning the ear no sooner than 10 minutes after using the device. Continuous use should be limited to 5 days.


Detailed description of use

After using the product, the earwax dissolves and flows freely (residues are visible, for example, in the auricle), or it softens and is then easily removed mechanically. If removing mechanically, we recommend using cotton buds with caution, as the plug of wax may be difficult to access and it may be pushed deeper into the ear canal.

No adverse reactions have yet been discovered in any of the product’s ingredients, however, pregnant or breastfeeding women and children under 3 should only use the product after consulting a specialist.

Storage and expiry date

Keep out of reach of children. Store in the original package. Close tightly after use and store in an upright position.

Expiry by: 24 months

Where to buy

Our products can be purchased without a prescription in selected pharmacies or pharmacy e-shops.

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