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We are always looking for new possibilities. We innovate. That is why we produce unique pharmaceutical products. We put in them a passion for our work and a desire to bring patients solutions that stand out among others. We are proud that our products have earned the trust of customers and experts and have become award-winning in their field. This motivates us to develop other innovative and necessary medicines.

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“Medicine still uses only a fraction of nature’s healing potential. We research new substances, tread unexplored trails and seek out further innovative, effective combinations of molecules. We only launch products that have been proven to bring a unique solution to a health issue.”
Petr Behenský, PhD.
ENEO’s founder, director, scientist
During more than 15 years of honest work, we have succeeded:
in helping to cure over
4 million
manufacture moire than
5 million
process roughly
500 tons of

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