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NeoRhin Baby

30 ml, nose spray
Medical device

A natural nasal spray with sea water from the Dead Sea, panthenol and increased levels of magnesium and manganese. Can be used for moisturizing dry nasal mucosa, for treating a runny and blocked up nose with no risk of addiction and to reduce the risk of complications from a runny nose such as middle ear inflammation.

  • suitable for children over 3 months
  • can also be used for pregnant and lactating women
  • does not contain any unnecessary chemicals, can be used in the long-term with no risk of addiction
  • does not burn or sting
  • a natural source of salt from the Dead Sea with trace elements Mg, Mn
  • manganese (Mn) prevents allergic rhinitis symptoms
  • magnesium (Mg) suppresses inflammatory processes
  • contains panthenol
  • Reduces the risk of rhinitis complications




Hypertonic sea salt solution
11 mg
10 mg


hypromelose, disodium edetate, aqua purificata


NeoRhin Baby contains a hypertonic salt solution (slightly saltier than the human cell) from the Dead Sea with increased magnesium and manganese levels. Thanks to it having a higher salt concentration than the water in the cells, the spray helps to naturally loosen a stuffy nose without the risk of addiction.

The hypertonic solution ‘s effect is due to an osmotic gradient (a difference in salt concentration - NaCl) between the environment of the inflamed nasal mucosa and the environment of the nasal passage. Nasal spray sprayed into it. Excess water from the nasal mucosa passes into the environment with the higher osmotic pressure (higher salt concentration), i.e. into the nasal passage, and the patient removes it by blowing it into a tissue. This safe mechanism leads to decongestion of the nasal mucosa.

Thanks to the increased amount of manganese Neorhin Baby works to prevent the symptoms of allergic rhinitis. Magnesium suppresses inflammatory processes.

Panthenol moisturizes the dry nasal mucosa and protects it from drying out.

Dosage and method of use

Repeat the dosage as needed (until symptoms are alleviated) several times a day. There is no limit to the number of daily doses.

Each application involves spraying the mechanical sprayer one to three times.

The nasal spray can be used in the long-term (more than 30 days). 

Shake the spray before use and remove the cover (when first using the spray, press the spray several times to draw the solution into the applicator). Administration to children under 6 is performed by adults. Babies aged 3-6 months are placed on their backs with their heads facing forward and one squirt is given into each nostril. When using the nasal spray in a horizontal position, it is necessary to turn the applicator to the vertical position between each dose, point it towards a free space and press to draw the solution into the spray nozzle.

Storage and expiry date

Store at temperatures of 5-25 °C. Keep away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. Store in the original package. 

Expires by: 24 months

Use within 30 days after opening the bottle.


Suitable for children over 3 months, including pregnant and breastfeeding women. 

Do not use the nasal spray in the event of known hypersensitivity to any of the substances contained, nor during a respiratory disease that is accompanied by significant hypersensitivity in the respiratory tract. Do not use after nasal surgery or nasal trauma.

Where to buy

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