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Thyme syrup

250 ml, syrup
Food supplement

Herbal syrup with an extremely high percentage of organic thyme extract to soothe the upper respiratory tract.It is supplemented with other natural ingredients - mint and anise essential oil.

  • an extremely high amount of thyme extract
  • a pleasant taste
  • sugar-free, reduces tooth decay
  • does not contain alcohol, synthetic aromas or the artificial sweeteners acesulfame and aspartame




Common thyme
4 mg
Anise essential oil
0.6 g
Mint essential oil
0.5 g
Thyme essential oil
0.4 g


glucose-fructose syrup


The syrup contains a high proportion of organic thyme extract, which is supplemented with mint and anise essential oil, the other ingredients are the simple sugars glucose and fructose.

Thyme extract includes essential oils, which support the immune system due to their antimicrobial activity and thus help keep the respiratory system in normal working order. Similar effects can also be found inmint and anise essential oils.

Any turbidity is caused by the high proportion of plant extracts and does not lower the product’s quality.

Dosage and method of use

Children 1–3 years 2.5 ml 2–3x daily (half a teaspoon)
Children over 3 years 5 ml 3–5x daily (1 teaspoon)
Adults 10 ml 3–5x daily (dessertspoon)

Serve directly with a spoon.

Storage and expiry date

Store in the original package in a dry place at a temperature up to 25 °C. Keep out of reach of children.

Use by: 24 months

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