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Parasine Rapid

100 ml, solution for lice and nits
Medical device

A solution for killing lice and nits that contains two active substances for a double effect. When applied thoroughly, it kills 100% of lice and nits. No resistance created. Easy to apply to dry hair, includes a special lice comb and a practical cap to prevent the solution from dripping.

  • quick application by squeezing the bottle
  • apply to dry hair
  • contains tea tree oil and thyme essential oil
  • special lice comb with spirals to capture lice and nits more easily
  • practical cap made of degradable material to prevent solution from dripping from hair
  • double effect
  • takes effect in 10 minutes
  • for children from 2+ and adults including pregnant and breastfeeding women


Active substances

Content in %

Isopropyl myristate
Thyme essential oils


Dimethicone, Nerolidol, Tea tree oil.


The Parasine Rapid solution for lice and nits contains two active substances for a double effect: 

Isopropyl myristate disrupts the outer surface of lice. This dries out and subsequently kills the lice.

Cyclomethicone D5 (Cyklopentasiloxane) – a silicone substance that eliminates the air supply to lice and their eggs, leading to their subsequent suffocation and/or rupture.  

The product contains nerolidol.

A combination of tea tree oil and thyme essential oil soothes the irritated scalp.

Dosage and method of use

Apply to dry hair and leave for 10 minutes to take effect.

Apply the solution evenly over the entire length of the dry hair using the applicator and rub it thoroughly into the hair. The full length of the hair and the scalp should be well moisturized with the solution. Put the cap included in the packaging on the treated hair to prevent the solution from dripping.

Leave on for 10 minutes after application. Then comb single strands of the hair with the included lice comb. Remove the lice from the comb continuously, e.g., by rinsing with water. After combing, rinse the hair with lukewarm water and then wash with regular shampoo.

Regularly check the hair for the occurrence of lice and/or nits over the next 10 days. If the lice/nits are still present, or if you are unsure whether they are alive or dead, repeat the procedure immediately.

Even if no live lice and/or nits are found when inspected within 10 days of the previous application, repeat the procedure after 10 days. This will prevent the lice from re-spreading if the presence of live lice/nits has not been detected and they have survived the first application.

Detailed description of use

Children under 15 should use the product under adult supervision.

To reduce the risk of repeated spread, we recommend that all family members be checked at the same time as treatment. It is also suitable to wash clothes, bed linen, towels, etc. at a temperature of 60 °C, decontaminate combs by placing in water at a temperature of min. 60 °C for 10 minutes.

Storage and expiry date

Store at temperatures of 5-25 °C, keep away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach and sight of children. Store in the original packaging.

Expires by: 36 months

Where to buy

Our products can be purchased without a prescription in selected pharmacies or pharmacy e-shops.

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