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Neocide gel

50 ml, mouth gel

Antimicrobial gel designed for oral hygiene with a wide range of effects.Prevents bacteria, plaque and biofilms from growing in the oral cavity, helps the oral microflora to regenerate rapidly. Its orange flavour makes it popular with small children.

  • does not burn, does not colour, no alcohol
  • very popular
  • suitable for long-term usage
  • pleasant orange taste
  • fast acting




Octenidine HCl
0.11 %


castor oil, sodium gluconate, hydroxyethyl cellulose, glycerol, orange essential oil


A gel with Octenidine, an antimicrobial component that is used during increased demands on oral hygiene, for example when wearing fixed braces. Helps regenerate the oral microflora. Its advantages are that it is gentle, fast-acting, safe to use and has a broad spectrum of uses.

The active ingredient is a modern, antibacterial surfactantOctenicide HCL, which prevents microbes from multiplying.

Dosage and method of use

Press the dispenser to squeeze out a strip of gel about 1 cm long onto a clean finger and apply it to the requisite place in the oral cavity. Gently spread the gel into a thin layer.

Apply 4-5 times a day as necessary, always at least 15 minutes after a meal. Do not eat or drink for at least 20 minutes after application.

Do not use if you are allergic or hypersensitive to any of the ingredients in the product. Do not use on any mucosa other than the oral cavity (e.g. nasal or eye mucosa, etc.). Do not use at the same time with products containing PVP iodine or anionic surfactants.

Storage and expiry date

Keep out of reach of children. Store at 5 - 25 °C. Keep away from direct sunlight

Expires by: 24 months

Where to buy

Our products can be purchased without a prescription in selected pharmacies or pharmacy e-shops.

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